Prop 57: Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016  

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Evidence-based Rehabilitation Works to Protect Our Communities:

  • California has an excessively high recidivism rate, with 65% of people returning within three years.
  • California needs to invest in evidence-based programs that we know work to reduce recidivism. Doing nothing will only create more victims, more costs to our prison system and an inevitable early release mandate from a federal judge.
  • Evidence shows that the more inmates are rehabilitated, the less likely they are to re-offend.
  • California needs a continuum of programming and more incentives for people to take part in programs while in prison.
  • The result will be people who have a groundwork in place to end the cycle of offending by the time they reach our neighborhoods under community supervision.
  • Less recidivism equals less victims and safer communities.
  • Click below to learn more about how Proposition 57 will begin putting this groundwork in place for California: 

CPOC Position on Prop 57
Key Facts to Remember when Considering Prop 57



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