CPOC Celebrates Probation Services Week
July 17-23, 2016
Probation professionals play an integral and unique role in our criminal justice system interacting with stakeholders at all levels of the criminal justice system including the courts, state and local law enforcement agencies, county behavioral health departments, child welfare services, as well as victim’s rights organizations and countless community-based agencies.

Currently, working hand-in-hand with their partners in law enforcement agencies and community and faith based organizations, California Probation’s mission is to deliver a seamless approach to effective offender management and rehabilitation services to 40,000 juvenile offenders and 300,000 adult offenders. 

Probation officers play a vital role by tackling underlying causes of crime within local communities and by early intervention in the lives of those who are in danger of falling into criminality from an early age. Likewise, Probation’s efforts to balance the need for juvenile and adult offender accountability with the need for rehabilitative treatment and services provides offenders the chance to change their offending lifestyle. 

Probation Departments are an essential part of the criminal justice system and communities in reducing recidivism. Probation’s success ensures that California is a state comprised of safer communities for all Californians to live and prosper. 

Thank you Governor Brown for recognizing the important role of probation in our public safety system. Click here to see Governor Brown's Commemorative Message for Probation Services Week. 

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