Research Data


8/30/2015--Jail data has been updated through March 2015
8/30/2015--Juvenile Hall data has been updated through September 2014
3/30/2015--Realignment Data updated through September 2014
3/30/2015--Probation Systems and Risk/Needs Assessment List Updated to 2014

8/12/2014--New issue brief on Graduated Sanction and Rewards

Data and Visualizations

One of the CPOC's goal is to provide probation departments good data to make decisions.  CPOC will continue to post data collected from departments, as well as on topics of interest to counties to make it useful and accessible.

CPOC Briefs

CPOC will be working to create an archive of recent research on California Public Safety, evidence based practices, and publications on probation as a profession.

Position Papers

Research Reports

Data Reference Tables

EBP Library and Outcome Tracking

Research Training and Seminars

Due dates:

 CPOC Annual Data Survey 2015

  • Annually August 30