Additional PEP Program Information (follow-up from Sept Quarterly)


We wanted to share some information with you regarding PEP and a follow up to Professor Reese’s presentation at the September Quarterly. As Professor Reese mentioned, PEP provides academic and life skills courses in 25 correctional facilities, including 9 juvenile correctional facilities in California and beyond. Out of the 32 courses that PEP offers, the program primarily teaches the following courses in the juvenile facilities: “Introduction to College,” “Introduction to Soft Skills,” “Introduction to Career Development,” and “Introduction to Financial Literacy.” These courses are taught during three 7-week PEP semesters: Fall, Spring, Summer. The program utilizes university student and faculty volunteers to teach these courses. These volunteers ultimately become mentors for the in-custody youth. There is a college or university within a 30-mile radius of nearly every county juvenile facility in the state. PEP provides programming in these facilities that inspire, empower, and expose the youth to an array of resources in higher education and vocational educational training. PEP sessions also introduce the youth to ways of paying for college and vocational training such as truck driving school. These courses are developed to empower, inspire, and motivate our youth to attain higher education.  While the Fall session is underway, we will work with Professor Reese to get any interested probation department set up for the Spring session.  

Please see the current course matrix attached and the course outlines here

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