Effective Pretrial Practices Implementation Toolkit
Developed in Partnership by the Chief Probation Officers of California and the Pretrial Justice Institute


Pretrial Toolkit Explanatory Summary

Effective Pretrial Practices Implementation Toolkit

The Effective Pretrial Practices Implementation Toolkit is intended to provide a high-level updated overview of key topics in local pretrial justice, along with analysis, practice guidance, and resources for Chief Probation Officers.

California is on the verge of a monumental shift to its justice system. The definitive future of pretrial justice in California is uncertain, as stakeholders await the fate of SB 10, which is subject to referendum in November 2020, and the case of In re Humphrey, which is pending before the state Supreme Court. However, as Chief Probation Officers await decisions in both of these arenas, there is still the opportunity to implement state-of-the-art, legally sound, and research-based pretrial practices. In fact, many probation departments in California already run robust and effective pretrial programs that enhance individual liberty, community safety and return to court. 

As experts in assessing and mitigating risk, probation is a natural choice for pretrial assessment and monitoring functions. Probation officers are familiar with the role of assessments in the criminal justice system as well as providing recommendations and reports to the court. Probation has the expertise needed for successful pretrial services that protect public safety while also mitigating disruptions to positive social engagement for low risk offenders. As Chairs of the Community Corrections Partnerships, California’s Chief Probation Officers are well-positioned to convene pretrial stakeholders, examine local pretrial decision points, and identify opportunities for improvement.

This toolkit was developed in collaboration with the Chief Probation Officers of California and the Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI).  PJI is a national, non-profit organization working for safe, fair, and effective juvenile and adult pretrial justice by promoting reforms in policing, bail, and diversion practices and policies.