Out of the Office and into the Community
Tuesday, June 25
12:45 PM-2:15 PM


Explore the transformative impact of probation work in California. Discover innovative initiatives, from homeless outreach to effective supervision practices, leading to positive change statewide. Gain insights into probation’s hands-on approach, fostering trust and safety in communities. Learn about probation’s integral role in reshaping the justice system, emphasizing community involvement and resource connection.


Panel 1: Placer County Probation

  • Marshall Hopper, Chief Probation Officer
  • Mollie Ronco, Probation Manager
  • James Corry, Senior Deputy Probation Officer

Panel 2: San Francisco Adult County Probation

  • Jamica Walker, Deputy Probation Officer
  • Patrick Yalon, Deputy Probation Officer

Panel 3: Santa Barbara County Probation

  • Holly L. Benton, Chief Probation Officer
  • Spencer Cross, Deputy Chief Probation Officer
  • Alejandra Ochoa, Deputy Probation Officer, Manager