Summary of Current CPOC Affiliate Assignments

  • California Association of Probation Institution Administrators (CAPIA)

    • CAPIA President: Nino Pinocchio
    • Assignment: DJJ Workgroup for Regulations  
    • CPOC Lead:  Executive Committee/Rosie McCool
  • California Association of Probation Services Administration (CAPSA)
    • CAPSA President:  Amy Potter
    • Assignment:  
    • CPOC Lead: Adult Services Committee
  • Probation Business Managers Association (PBMA)
    1. PBMA President: Dana Schultz 
    2. Assignment:  Revenue Survey 
    3. CPOC Committee Lead:  
  • Probation Information Technology Managers Association (PITMA)
    • PITMA President: Elainerose Wingo
    • Assignment: 
    • CPOC Lead: