Mission Statement

The mission of the Chief Probation Officers of California counties is to provide leadership in
the mobilization, coordination, and implementation of Probation programs and provide for
public protection including detention and treatment, victim services and the prevention of
crime and delinquency; and to insure the provision of quality investigations and supervision
of offenders for the Courts.

History of CPOC

Probation and the position of County Probation Officer were established by law in 1903. 
Many counties did not appoint their first Probation Officer until the early 1920’s.

The first meetings of Chief Probation Officers for which there are written minutes were held
regionally beginning in early 1950.

Prior to 1962, the Chief Probation Officers were a loose-knit group, meeting annually upon call of
the Director of the Youth Authority pursuant to Section 1752.95 W&I.  These were generally 3-day
conferences held at Asilomar Conference center in Pacific Grove.  Read More...