Public Safety Realignment (AB 109-2011) Information

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County Statistical Data Dashboard   
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CPOC Issue Brief Fall 2013:
Assessing Risks and Needs of Realigned Populations
CPOC Issue Brief Winter 2012:
Mandatory Supervision
CPOC Issue Brief Summer 2012: Realignment Perspective                 

Chief Probation Officers of California Support the Governor's Initiative to Protect Public Safety
On January 6, 2012, the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) announced their support for
Governor Brown’s initiative to constitutionally protect vital local government funding and provide a
balanced approach to solvingour ongoing budget instability. After the release of the budget yesterday,
it is clear the Governor's initiative is needed to put California back on track. CPOC
felt it was imperative
to support the Governor's approach which offers the most balanced path to protecting local public safety.

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CPOC Information:

PRCS Transfers: County Contact List

Lessons Learned: The Santa Cruz Story
from the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (June 2012)

CPOC & CDCR PRCS Transportation Agreement

Transfers of PRCS Offender Protocol (12-10-15)
PRCS Community Supervision Transfer Cover Sheet

PSI template insert for Split Sentences Pursuant to PC1170(h)(5)by San Diego County
Memo Regarding Split Sentences Pursuant to PC1170 (h)(5) by San Diego County

3452 Hold Form (for PRCS) by Sonoma County
Flash Incarceration Authorization
(follow up that supercedes the 3452 hold) by Somona County

PRCS Flash Incarceration Order created by San Francisco County
PRCS Violiation Detainer created by San Francisco County
3454(b) is the authority for the flash sanction booking and 3455(a) is the authority to detain a PRCS pending return to
court. SF APD created these templates working with the Sheriff's Department. These forms are specific to San Francisco
and meet the joint
needs of APD and SFSD, but can easily be customized to your County or used as a guide.
The SWAP eligible notation allows the
SF Sheriff to release PRCS's to SWAP if crowding becomes in issue.
SFSD would then notify SFAPD.

Criminal Justice Realignment: What Counties need to know to implement (Power Point, September 2011)

Criminal Justice Realignment Video (Marin County 2013)

CPOC Power Point Presentation: Basics of Realignment (September 2011)

CSAC-CSSA-CPOC 2011 Public Safety Realignment
Key Provisions in AB 109/AB 117:
Adult Offender Population Transfers to Counties

Realignment AB 109 and AB 117
(CPOC Power Point Presentation, July 2011)

March 20, 2013 Realignment Briefing Material

Fiscal Information:

Department of Finance- AB 109 Allocation Refinements (6-24-11) 

Final Realignment Budget

Realignment Accounts

Budget Language for Training and Start-up AB 109 Funds

CSAC Information:

CSAC AB 109 Rhetoric--More Heat Than Light by Matt Cate

Smart Justice Videos (4-24-13)

Medicaid and AB 109 Memo (11-3-11)
.....DHS Memo

CSAC Web page for Realignment

CSAC Documentation

CSAC Memo to CAO's and CAC's re: County Local Revenue Fund 2011

CSAC Memo re: AB 117 and the Community Corrections Partnership (CCP)

Brief Summary of Key Provisions in AB 109 and AB 117
2011 Public Safety Realignment

2011-12 AB 109 Allocations (Excel Spreadsheet)

CSAC Memo to BOS and CAO's: Allocation/Caseload Information on AB 109/117
(Criminal Justice Realignment)

County Plans

Impact Report by Counties



Other Resources:

Justice Center, The Council of State Governments The National Reentry Resource Center

Felony Sentencing After Realignment
(Judge Couzens 12-6-11)

RAND- Health and Infrastructure, Safety, and Environment

Administrative Office of the Court - Revised Rules of Court for Realignment - Form

Association for Criminal Justice Research-CA

Article:  Moneyball and EBP

Resource Library (a guide to publications and tools on a variety of subjects to assist you in development of local plans)

Awarding Custody Credits after Realignment (Couzens/Bigelow, September 2011)

Felony Sentencing after Realignment (Couzens/Bigelow, September 2011)

California District Attorneys Association- Prosecutors' Analysis of the 2011 Criminal Justice Realignment (September 2011)

Cal September 21 Conference highlighting successful programs and strategies to assist in the
implementation of Criminal Justice Realignment in California

Administrative Office of the Courts
Memo: Frequently asked Questions about Criminal Justice Realignment 

Road Map for Realignment (Joan Petersilia-Prison Law Office)

Benefits available to Paroling and Discharging Inmates (Joan Petersilia-Prison Law Office)

Crime and Justice Institute (CJI) has a Help Desk now available to provide technical assistance for you and your
staff. The help desk consists of a group of experts who are able to assist in inquiries as it relates to realignment.
They are able to provide assistance in areas such as EBP and questions about returning parolees, CCP, the reviewing of
strategic plans, etc. Additionally, there is a Q&A that is located on CJI website, which is provided by the help desk. 
Brochure for Technical Assistance.

BJA- A ten-step Guide to Transforming Probation Departments to Reduce Recidivism

Felony Sentencing Following Enactment of 2011 Realignment Legislation (J. Richard Couzens, Judge, Ret.)
Awarding Conduct Credits under PC 4019 and 2933 after October 1, 2011 (J. Richard Couzens, Judge, Ret.)

Linked to Chaptered Bill
Link to AB 118 Chaptered Bill
ABx1 16: Local Revenue Fund 2011
ABx1 17: Criminal Justice Realignment 2011