Chief Probation Officers of California Statement in Response to Fentanyl & Retail Theft Legislation Announced by Senate Pro Tem McGuire and Senate Leadership


SACRAMENTO, Calif., February 26, 2024 – Chief Probation Officers of California President, Chief Probation Officer Kelly Vernon, issued the following statement in response to Fentanyl & Retail Theft Legislation announced by Senate Pro Tem McGuire and Senate Leadership:

“We appreciate Senate Pro Tem McGuire and Senate leadership’s commitment to addressing the fentanyl and retail theft crises particularly their recognition of critical pre-justice support and services to those suffering with addiction.  Solving these crises must also include solutions for those who remain in the justice system that balances holding people accountable while incentivizing effective drug treatment. One way we can do this is ensuring that probation terms match the time necessary to complete comprehensive drug treatment through drug courts. We look forward to supporting the work of the Legislature providing our expertise and insights for a comprehensive legislative solution.”

The Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) is an association of all 58 counties with a shared identity as law enforcement leaders. CPOC is committed to a research-based approach to public safety that promotes positive behavior change. Their leadership guides policy and practice in prevention, community-based corrections, secure detention for youth, and direct human services. CPOC’s goal is to prevent crime and delinquency, reduce recidivism, restore victims, and promote healthy families and communities.

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