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Equity in Gender, Diverse Officers Focused on Collaborative Safety for All

California Probation officers are diverse and highly educated professionals with over 72% of probation officers identifying as non-white, and 51% are women, the majority have four-year degrees, and over half of probation departments have employed former system-involved individuals.

California Probation is educated and trained to help protect communities by carefully balancing justice-involved individuals’ need for accountability along with their need for the help and hope required to safely leave the justice system permanently. 


Inyo County Drug Court Graduate Celebrates 15 Years of Sobriety

By Julie Weier, Inyo County Probation Deputy Chief Probation Officer. Additional messaging by CPOC.

Recovery is an act of self-love, a reclaiming of your life and a new beginning full of possibilities. Anthony Brown created a new life 15 years ago when he entered the Inyo County Probation Drug Court program in 2009 and dedicated himself to a life of sobriety, forgiveness and living with a purpose. Mr. Brown successfully completed the program in June of 2011.


The Probation Connection Podcast
Listen to the Podcast from the Chief Probation Officers of California

Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) Foundation launched their podcast, The California Probation Connection in 2022. This podcast is a space that dives deeper into complex topics that face probation professionals, as well as everyone involved in our justice system.

Episodes feature chief probation officers who share their experiences and perspectives about issues involving California Probation and our justice system. The host of the podcast is CPOC Executive Director, Karen Pank. 

You can enjoy listening to The California Probation Connection on podcast platforms, several linked below, or watch the podcast on YouTube.

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