This is California Probation
Equity in Gender, Diverse Officers Focused on Collaborative Safety for All

California Probation officers are diverse and highly educated professionals with over 72% of probation officers identifying as non-white, and 51% are women, the majority have four-year degrees, and over half of probation departments have employed former system-involved individuals.

California Probation is educated and trained to help protect communities by carefully balancing justice-involved individuals’ need for accountability along with their need for the help and hope required to safely leave the justice system permanently. 

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Probation Provides a Bridge to Services for the Unhoused through a Lens of Accountability

Probation Departments throughout California are innovating to become a bridge and connector to services and supports for unhoused Californians, all through a lens of safety and accountability.  Read below about how Stanislaus County Probation and Placer County Probation are working to meet the needs of their communities to enhance safety, restoration and health.