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Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Justice System

Implicit bias is the automatic association we make between groups of people and stereotypes about those groups. None of us are immune to this and under certain conditions, these automatic associations can influence behavior, making people respond in biased ways even when they are not explicitly prejudiced.  This training will demonstrate that it is possible to mend the harm that racial stereotypes do to our minds and our public safety and offer ways to address it. 

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer R. Jones-Damis, PsyD, LPC

Cost – $40.00 ($37.50 STC + $2.50 Registration Fee)

STC Number: STC # 02692438 (2 STC Hours)

Certification Date: 8/17/2021 Expiration Date: 8/17/2023

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California Legislative Process

This course will focus on “how a bill becomes a law” but also why it’s important to probation and your local planning. The training will cover the basic process as well as strategic concepts used historically and legislative trends that matter to the industry. This on-demand training will aim to peel back some of the layers how and why things happen that impact your day to day work. The course will cover both legislation as well as the state budget process using probation issues as the focus. The course is designed for anyone in probation but most useful for those involved in implement new laws or conduct legislative reviews.

Instructor: Karen Pank

Cost – $40.00 ($37.50 STC + $2.50 Registration Fee)

STC Number: 00963411 (2 STC Hour)

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Adolescent Brain Science

Hear adolescent brain development expert Dr. Laurence Steinberg discuss the emerging adult brain science that should be informing our approach to juveniles and young adults in the justice system. Probation Officers has an important role in expanding opportunities for young people to develop in positive ways. Dr. Steinberg’s discussion will focus on facilitating positive development of young people in helping them become successful and competent adults.

Instructor: Dr. Laurence Steinberg

Cost – $30.00 ($18.75 STC + $11.25 Registration Fee)

STC Number: 05091036 (1 STC Hour)

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Crisis Intervention Skills and Fostering Resilience in Corrections

This on demand webinar introduces participants to conflict resolution techniques to assist in de-escalating situations with clients and how to identify potentially triggering situations in order to intervene before escalation. Additionally, officers will be able to learn about resilience and the important role they play in fostering resilience in their clients. 

Instructor: Jennifer R. Jones-Damis, PsyD, LPC

Cost – $40.00 (BSCC Mental Health JAG Funding) 

STC Number: 06321187 (2 STC Hours)


Understanding Mental Illness in Corrections

The intersection of mental health and the behaviors leading to the justice system are at times difficult to distinguish. As a result, more and more officers working in communities and detention centers are often faced with individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses.  This training for officers and personnel in the criminal justice system in anticipation of the range of psychological challenges, diagnosed and undiagnosed, they are likely to encounter in their daily work.

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer R. Jones-Damis, PsyD, LPC

Cost – $40.00 (BSCC Mental Health JAG Funding) 

STC Number: STC # 03422124 (2 STC Hours)