Standard and Training Corrections (STC) Certified Courses


Please note that these courses have a tuition cost that will be billed to your agency after enrollment to any of the courses. Be sure to gain approval of your department/Training Manager prior to enrolling for any of these courses. 

Courses include:

  • Adolescent Brain Science (STC #05091036)
  • Applying the Rules of Court to Sentencing Issues (STC #09774052)
  • California Legislative Process (STC #00963411)
  • Changes in Criminal Procedure Effective 2022: What Probation Officers Need to Know (STC #01597916)
  • Crisis Intervention Skills and Fostering Resilience (STC #06321187)
  • Felony Sentencing 101 (STC #03798651)
  • Implementation Overview of New Laws 2023 Webinar – Adult (STC #00149036)
  • Implementation Overview of New Laws 2023 Webinar – Juvenile (STC #00492507)
  • Introduction to California Public Records Act (PRA) – (STC #00345390)
  • Introduction to Conducting and Supervising Internal Affairs Investigations (IA) – (STC #05721134)
  • Introduction to Peace Officer Bill of Rights Act (POBR) - (STC #05193765)
  • The History of Realignment – Paving the Way to 2011 (STC #03611521)
  • Understanding and Addressing Implicit Bias in the Justice System (STC #02692438)
  • Understanding Mental Illness in Corrections (STC #03422124)
  • Vicarious Trauma: Learning the Importance of Self Care (STC #06071336)

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