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Chief Probation Officers of California Support the Governor’s Initiative to Protect Public Safety On January 6, 2012, the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) announced their support for Governor Brown’s initiative to constitutionally protect vital local government funding and provide a balanced approach to solving our ongoing budget instability. After the release of the budget yesterday, it is clear the Governor’s initiative is needed to put California back on track. CPOC felt it was imperative to support the Governor’s approach which offers the most balanced path to protecting local public safety.

This statewide constitutional amendment, aimed for the November 2012 ballot, would protect funding that is currently dedicated to local public safety services that were shifted to counties and local governments as part of the 2011 realignment legislation. The measure would prohibit the State from raiding or redirecting these funds in the future, and prohibit the legislature from shifting more responsibility to local governments unless the state provide funding to pay for the services.

“Governor Brown has been committed to working with CPOC and other local government stakeholders to ensure that local governments have the resources needed to properly track and monitor the offenders that are now the responsibility of the counties,” said Steve Bordin, Chief Probation Officer of Colusa County and President of CPOC. “In order to adequately provide these vital services, it is integral that probation has secure, guaranteed revenues that the State cannot raid, shift or borrow. The Chief Probation Officers of California support the Governor’s initiative to protect funding for vital public safety services for our communities.”

Probation plays an integral part in the local supervision, treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. By addressing criminal behavior at the front-end of the system through community-based programming and evidence-based supervision practices, public safety outcomes can be improved while also lowering offender recidivism. If adequately funded and appropriately resourced, probation can provide vital public safety services, achieve better outcomes, and make our communities safer.

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