Probation Partners Program

The Probation Partner program is limited to businesses and organizations that provide services, products, or programs that serve and/or enhance probation’s mission and functions. 

The Probation Partners Program membership is subject to the approval of the Chief Probation Officers of California board. A Probation Partner is subject to removal. Benefits related to presentations, training, or other items may be modified to meet the needs of the Chief Probation Officers of California Foundation or a Partner.

Membership Cost: $1500

Probation Partner Membership Includes:

  • Company name, a brief description of the product or services with a link to your homepage from the CPOC Partner’s webpage.

  • Announcement of New Partner in CPOC Communication Memo to Chiefs and Affiliates

  • 1.5-hour Informational Workshop

  • Invitations to sponsor exclusive events – additional cost

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The Chief Probation Officers of California wish to thank these businesses and organizations for their support.

Click on our Partner’s name below to go to their website and learn more about their products and services.


Air Tutors

We are an online tutoring company with documented success rates proving that our approach works – both as an intervention and as a learning accelerator. As such, we are a grantee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and advised Harvard, Brown, and Stanford Universities on effective tutoring practices. Our services are personalized to the population that we work with and we work especially well for youth, young adults, and adults. Our expert educators have 10+ years of teaching experience, Masters/PhDs, and personalities that shine through the web with the added experience of working with at-risk populations. Our goal is to ensure success for your students, reduce recidivism, and help your facility shine.


Amity Foundation

Amity Foundation is dedicated to the inclusion and habilitation of people marginalized by addiction, trauma, criminality, incarceration, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness, and violence. We strive to improve health and promote environmental, social, and economic justice. Amity is committed to research, development, implementation, and dissemination of information regarding community building.



Since its founding in 1995, Averhealth has created a unique, comprehensive approach to drug testing that remains unparalleled in the industry. With our expertise and singular focus in criminal[1]justice based drug testing, we work alongside programs nationwide as a knowledgeable industry partner and Total Test Logistics vendor. From our testing locations and laboratory in St. Louis, MO to our Aversys platform and dedicated support team. Averhealth can implement and manage every step of the drug testing process. This gives our customers confidence that the results they’re seeking are delivered quickly and accurately.


BI Incorporated

For more than 40 years, BI Incorporated has delivered innovative products and services that offer an alternative to incarceration for community corrections agencies supervising parolees, probationers, or pretrial defendants. Our products include a wide range of electronic monitoring systems, enabling agencies to apply the least restrictive or appropriate option to support compliance to conditions of release. By releasing individuals to community supervision with the support of these innovative tools, they are able live in the community, support themselves and their families, and supervising officers understand better how a person is doing in the community.


Braeburn Inc.

Braeburn is a biotech/pharmaceutical company with a newly approved long-acting injectable medication for the treatment of opioid use disorder.



Cognisen is an AI and automation software company that exists to partner with agencies in solving the ever-increasing labor shortage in Community Supervision. Led by a team with over 75 years of combined experience in both the Community Supervision and machine learning software fields, Cognisen provides a fresh solution that hits the problem head-on. Our tools work alongside your existing case management system and support your staff by taking on part of the workload. This provides staff with greater enjoyment and fulfillment out of their jobs by dramatically increasing the efficiency of officers who are providing community supervision.
With the latest technological advancements, tasks that previously could only be completed by a human can now be completed through AI and automation. By augmenting labor, your staff are empowered to focus their attention where it’s needed most… providing accountability and supervision services that will produce lasting results in the lives of people and our communities.
Our team has extensive experience handling CJIS data and implementing CJIS controls.  We understand the importance of data security and strictly adhere to industry best practices. Our AI solutions ensure protection of sensitive information while prioritizing fairness, transparency, and accountability in decision-making to uphold ethical standards.


Deterding Law

Deterding Law offers discounted Estate Planning services to law enforcement. We launched a website designed exclusively for sworn and professional staff ( A comprehensive estate plan through Public Safety Planning includes a Revocable Living Trust, Will, Power of Attorney, Advanced Medical Directives, HIPAA Authorization and documents to put the client’s primary residence into the Trust. Individual and Married members are included in the offering.


DLR Group

Established in 1966, DLR Group serves clients through the integrated delivery of planning, architecture, engineering, interiors, and building optimization for new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse projects. With in-depth experience on over 50 juvenile justice planning and design projects and over 100 expansion projects, our experts have developed a keen understanding of the operations and needs of Probation Departments and how to design normative, secure, treatment environments. We collaborate with clients to realize their vision for trauma-responsive facilities that reflect a model for the future—including the new Los Angeles model embodied in Campus Kilpatrick, and the new San Diego Youth Transition Campus—based on the precepts of the Youth in Custody Practice model developed by the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University. Our experts understand trends, at the same time, test and set new benchmarks for excellence. We have mastered the fundamentals and can invest our time in exploring new ways to enhance our services, providing a sustainable, efficient solution for Probation Departments.The cornerstone of our service approach is our brand promise: listen. DESIGN. deliver. Our clients choose to work with us time and again because we strive to understand the challenges they face and view them as opportunities to help realize their vision. We have a responsibility to our clients and the people they serve to elevate behavioral, environmental, and social betterment in our work, and more importantly, to assure that our work promotes healing, reflects equity for all, ultimately resulting in transformation and better outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and our society.


Equivant Supervision and Pretrial

Equivant Supervision and Pretrial exists to support the corrections industry including community corrections, Probation, Parole, institutions, facilities and jails, pretrial services and court professionals, tribal courts and communities across the nation through the software we provide, the people we employ, and the practices we enable. Our solutions are part of the industry-renowned Northpointe Suite, a proprietary software stack officially launched in 2009. In 2017, Equivant Supervision and Pretrial was created to more specifically serve the supervision and pretrial spaces by providing tailored solutions that work for practitioners, professionals, and stakeholders. Our organization is composed of practitioners with over a century of combined experience working at all levels of the justice industry. Their insights, as well as the insights gleaned from our customers, continually help our suite of solutions and services evolve.



FieldWare is a leading provider of comprehensive case management and remote check-in solutions aimed at achieving better outcomes for agencies, clients, and communities. With a growing suite of SaaS solutions that seamlessly integrate with numerous state, county, and local agency systems, FieldWare reduces operational burdens while ensuring that clients receive the support they need without disrupting their lives. Built on over two decades of community supervision experience, FieldWare empowers officers and case workers to be more efficient, enabling them to focus on clients who require more attention. By offering remote check-in capabilities, automated compliance reminders, streamlined financial management, service provider integration, and more, FieldWare enhances compliance, reduces costs, and improves overall efficiency. With a proven track record of success and a modular approach that allows for customization, FieldWare delivers better outcomes for all stakeholders, making it the preferred choice for many of the nation’s largest state and county agencies. FieldWare is committed to delivering better results for agencies, clients, and communities alike.


GEO Reentry Services

GEO Reentry Services delivers evidence-based treatment and supervision programs for adults and youth on probation or parole and pretrial defendants in residential, in-custody, and non-residential reentry centers. At the core of GEO Reentry’s treatment and training is cognitive-behavioral treatment, intended to change criminal attitudes, enhance social skills, and encourage interpersonal problem-solving. By combining research-based treatment and counseling services, GEO Reentry assists community correctional agencies with important community safety efforts.


Journal Technologies

At Journal Technologies, we leverage technology to ensure the courts and justice system function efficiently. Our software supports thousands of justice professionals in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, integrating seamlessly into their workflows and enhancing their effectiveness. In the face of challenges like limited resources, high caseloads, and changing regulations, eSupervision is our case management solution for Probation, Parole, and Pretrial. Designed by former community supervision practitioners, it equips agencies with the precision, adaptability, and performance needed to make significant impacts. Whether managing interviews, administering assessments, building case plans, tracking behavior and compliance, or creating detailed court reports, eSupervision provides 24/7 access for seamless case management anytime, anywhere. Our commitment goes beyond building software; it’s about fostering safer, smarter, and more effective community supervision. 


Justice Benefits, Inc.

JBI is a government consulting firm specializing in federal revenue maximization for local and state governments. JBI provides comprehensive and customized support to assist clients in successfully navigating the federal government reimbursement process.


LifeLab Studios

LifeLab Studios is a personal growth and life wellness company and the creator of—a growth program for justice-involved individuals with advanced AI intelligence, real-time data, and anytime-anywhere access. The program is supported by trained growth specialists who run the program from intake to outtake. It is designed for state, county, and juvenile justice leaders who are dissatisfied with revolving doors, are intentional in their leadership, care for those they work with, and have a desire to help individuals in trouble better themselves and bring about lasting public safety. With, justice-involved individuals’ criminogenic needs are being met, Officers maintain oversight and have access to real-time data, departments gain increased results without adding staff and counties benefit from  positive change, reducing recidivism, and promote protective factor growth and life skills. Next Gen approach will ensure we are transforming consequences into real-world, positive change.


LINEV Systems

World-class, high-quality products and solutions are delivered from the USA, UK, and EU to all regions of the world by the unique ecosystem of worldwide businesses known as LINEV Systems, which has over 30 years of experience in the X-ray technology sector. LINEV Systems companies are grown under the LINEV Group umbrella brand. In addition to exceeding customers’ expectations, the united unification enables the LINEV Group firms to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide the highest quality goods and services. LINEV Systems is an eco-group of businesses that specializes in providing the Security, Analytical, Forensics and NDT markets with industry-leading X-ray systems. Since the world we live in now is dynamic and unstable, innovation for the future must provide a smart society where we can enjoy the highest quality of life. The LINEV Systems is working to advance technologies that will improve the health, safety, and well-being of the people around us by chasing scientific truth.


Mosaic Solutions and Advocacy LLC

Mosaic Solutions and Advocacy (Mosaic) is a Sacramento based team of professional partners who are uniquely experienced in the world of public policy, public advocacy and association management. The Mosaic partners join together from different backgrounds and policy areas to promote the interests of our clients through consulting, advocacy and management. Mosaic believes in working together to build solutions by bringing the trust and experience needed to achieve real change and real results to our clients.


National Labs

National Labs of Hayward, CA specializes in advanced medication monitoring & drug testing services. Now offering advanced alcohol testing using SpotCheck: a simple finger-prick test for evidence-based assessments up to 1 month of alcohol consumption, extending detection beyond standard tests. Our innovative tests increase efficiency + privacy in probation depts. 


SCRAM Systems

SCRAM Systems is the world’s leading provider of electronic monitoring and software solutions for the criminal justice industry. The company’s flagship product, SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®), launched in 2003, revolutionized the way courts, agencies and treatment providers monitor and manage alcohol-involved offenders. In 2013, the company launched the industry’s most comprehensive suite of electronic monitoring technologies, which includes SCRAM Remote Breath®, SCRAM GPS®, and SCRAM House Arrest®. In addition to hardware, SCRAM Systems is at the forefront of developing software solutions such as SCRAM Nexus® for implementation of Evidence-Based Practices, the SCRAM TouchPoint™ client engagement mobile app, and SCRAM Insight™. These integrated solutions work together with the goal of improving client outcomes, enhancing officer effectiveness and agency productivity, and making communities safer.


SuperCom, Inc.

Since 1988 SuperCom has been a global leading provider of traditional and digital identity solutions, providing advanced safety, identification, and security products and solutions to governments as well as private and public organizations around the world. SuperCom has been inspiring governments and national agencies, to design and issue secured multi-ID documents and robust digital identity solutions to its citizen and visitors, using SuperCom e-government platforms and innovative solutions for traditional and biometrics enrollment, personalization, issuance, and border control services. SuperCom has been inspiring the world with its RT location, tracking, monitoring, and verification solutions, empowered by its PureRF™ cutting edge wireless hybrids suite of products and technologies, all operated by a secure, proprietary web-based, interactive, user-friendly interface. SuperCom features a unique all-in-one field-proven RFID and mobile technology and products, accompanied with advanced complementary services for the healthcare and homecare, security and safety, community public safety, law enforcement, electronic monitoring, livestock monitoring, building and access automation, and more.​ SuperCom’s solutions can be customized, scalable and highly flexible in order to meet each organization’s unique needs now and in the future. As an industry innovator SuperCom continues to develop and incorporate cutting edge technologies into its products and solutions. SuperCom presents an impressive group of experts in business, commercial, government identification and wireless technologies, which brings together decades of hands-on experience and expertise.


Track Group

Track Group is a global leader in providing end-to-end location monitoring and predictive behavioral solutions that combine real-time tracking devices and professional monitoring services with advanced data analytics. Our current focus is delivering electronic monitoring products and services for the global criminal justice market. The company’s growth strategy is to continue expanding its hardware-agnostic data analytics platform and software applications to empower professionals in security, law enforcement, corrections, and rehabilitation organizations worldwide with single-sourced offender management solutions that integrate reliable intervention technologies to support re-socialization and monitoring initiatives. At Track Group, our guiding principle is trust. We build reliable, secure electronic monitoring solutions that just work. And, we’ve attracted the industry’s best talent to form an EM company run by EM people. The result is technology and team you can trust.