Cognisen is an AI and automation software company that exists to partner with agencies in solving the ever-increasing labor shortage in Community Supervision. Led by a team with over 75 years of combined experience in both the Community Supervision and machine learning software fields, Cognisen provides a fresh solution that hits the problem head-on. Our tools work alongside your existing case management system and support your staff by taking on part of the workload. This provides staff with greater enjoyment and fulfillment out of their jobs by dramatically increasing the efficiency of officers who are providing community supervision.
With the latest technological advancements, tasks that previously could only be completed by a human can now be completed through AI and automation. By augmenting labor, your staff are empowered to focus their attention where it’s needed most… providing accountability and supervision services that will produce lasting results in the lives of people and our communities.
Our team has extensive experience handling CJIS data and implementing CJIS controls.  We understand the importance of data security and strictly adhere to industry best practices. Our AI solutions ensure protection of sensitive information while prioritizing fairness, transparency, and accountability in decision-making to uphold ethical standards.