ICYMI: Butte County Treatment Court marks National Drug Court Month with graduation ceremony
May 8, 2024


by Hannah Gutierrez in KRCR

OROVILLE, Calif. — Butte County Treatment Court celebrated National Drug Court Month by hosting a graduation for individuals have gone through the program.

“That is what National Treatment Court Month is all about, really recognizing the efforts of people to become clean and sober, and to improve their lives and the lives of this community,” said Melissa Romero, Chief Probation Officer in Butte County.

Drug court is a program for individuals on probation, struggling with sobriety. Melissa Romero, chief probation officer in Butte County, told KRCR the program is typically a last resort for individuals to avoid serving time in state prison.

She explained participants focus on what triggers their addiction with supplemental court appearances, a team, a probation officer, counseling through Butte County Behavioral Health, and local treatment providers.

A judge handed them certificates of their achievement while officials gave out coins to remember the progress each person has made.

Amongst those at the ceremony, were a Butte County couple both experiencing addiction and serving in the program, now living clean lives raising their children together.

Romero says many have graduated from the program have gone on to join the workforce, receive higher educations, start families, and turn their lives around.

She understands the program is not easy, but is proud to watch individuals create positive lives and futures for themselves.

“Watching people overcome the challenge of addiction is incredible and we don’t do that for them, they do that. To be a part of their journey, it’s very very rewarding,” concluded Romero.

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