Juvenile Justice and Prevention

Position Paper

Position: The Chief Probation Officers of California ascribes to the following key principles concerning juvenile crime and violence:

  • Crime is a community problem.    
  • Informal social controls are the most effective method of reducing crime.    
  • Community involvement should be encouraged to the maximum extent possible.    
  • Networking and collaboration are necessary to significantly impact crime and local correctional agency operations.    
  • The 8% Model developed by Orange county is an important intervention and prevention strategy to effectively deal with serious repeat offenders.

Summary of Issues: the most efficient way to prevent and lessen the impact of crime is to engage and empower communities with locally planned and locally designed strategies. These strategies require flexibility, resources, and partnerships. Community corrections joined by community policing efforts, coordinated with state and federal agencies should be primary stakeholders and partners in a balanced manner that addresses prevention, intervention, and punishment/accountability.