Announcing the Expert-Led General Sessions at the Supporting Excellence in Probation Conference!
Discover Our General Sessions for the Supporting Excellence in Probation Conference!


We are thrilled to highlight our 9 exciting general sessions for the Supporting Excellence in Probation: Strategies for Success Conference!

This gathering is designed to ignite innovation, inspire growth, and empower those committed to excellence in the probation profession. Immerse yourself in a series of nine transformative general sessions, each meticulously crafted to advance the field of probation. Limited spots are available but there is still time to register here.

Monday June 24, 2024 General Sessions:

Cultivating Growth: The Coaching Model for Transformative Probation Practices
Dr. Lovins’ general session will center on the transformative Coaching Model for probation officers and departments. This model advocates for a fundamental shift in organizational culture—towards one that nurtures learning, growth, and empowerment among staff, thereby enhancing the capacity to effect change in those they supervise. By exploring the model of probation officers as coaches, Dr. Lovins will delve into a probation officers’ professional identity that emphasizes the development of human capital and the achievement of life-changing outcomes for individuals on probation.

Balancing Act: Firm, Fair, and Caring Approaches in Probation Supervision
What is the most appropriate model of supervision to enact change? How do relationships with probation officers and probationers affect the justice system and the overall wellbeing of probationers? Jennifer Skeem is a PhD psychologist who writes and teaches about the intersection between behavioral science and the justice system. Much of her work shows us that the work of probation officers, with the blending of authority and support is the most appropriate model to enact change. Professor Skeem’s general session will center on her transformative research about the critical role of “firm, fair, and caring relationships” with probation officers that “predict better client outcomes”.

Tuesday June 25, 2024 General Sessions:

Transformative Mentorship: Shaping the Future of Probation Leadership
This session will explore the transformative impact of the Mentorship Program in the probation sector. Emphasizing its role as a stimulant for professional development, the workshop provides a platform to understand, discuss, and implement effective strategies of the Mentorship Program. This workshop aims to elevate the standard and impact of probation work by fostering continuous professional growth for probation professionals.

Vision for the Future: Charting the Course for California Probation
Join us for a pivotal panel discussion featuring a distinguished group of probation chiefs who are at the forefront of the probation profession in California. This session will delve into the future of probation in the state, highlighting upcoming opportunities and challenges. Our expert panelists will share their insights on the evolving landscape of probation including legislative changes, recruitment and retention, and the future of reentry. Gain an understanding of how leaders in the field are planning to navigate these changes, propel the profession forward, and positively address the challenges ahead. 

Innovations in Reentry: The San Diego County Probation Community Transition Center
Explore this innovative approach to reentry through the San Diego County Probation Community Transition Center (CTC). The CTC provides a critical bridge for individuals transitioning from incarceration to community life. CTC takes a comprehensive approach, from immediate assessments to integrated treatment plans, focusing on behavioral health and substance abuse. This session will highlight how their collaboration with various health and community services has effectively reduced jail time and supported successful community reintegration for over a decade.

Reforming Futures: Lived Experiences from the Justice System
The panel will showcase individuals who have directly experienced the justice system. They will share personal stories and insights into how probation has played a pivotal role in their journey towards rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Through their lived experiences, we will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, successes, and opportunities within the system. 

Wednesday June 26, 2024 General Sessions:

Safeguarding Wellness: Empowering Probation Officers Through Self-Care
Explore self-care and wellness strategies with Professor Gena Castro Rodriguez, a psychologist and expert in trauma and resilience. Drawing from her rich experience in clinical practice and research, this session offers practical advice for probation officers facing work-related stress and vicarious trauma. Learn therapeutic approaches to maintain mental health and emotional resilience, essential for effectively managing the daily challenges of probation work. Gain tools to enhance your well-being and sustain your vital role in the justice system.

In Service to Victims: Strategies to Promote Healing and Restoration of Victims 
Helping victims to heal is one of the core tenets of probation’s work that is often misunderstood by those outside of the justice system. Victim Services Centers offer unique opportunities to put victims’ needs front and center.  Learn how to focus on the needs of victims through one of these centers to foster healing for victims and those who have inflicted harm on them.

Beyond Boundaries: Sparking Organizational Change through Belonging and Engagement
A supportive work environment can be a source of strength, while its absence can lead to alienation and poor outcomes. In this session, we explore how to contribute to a better work-life for all by overcoming the ingrained resistance to change in both individuals and organizations. Organizations value consistency, but this often limits innovation and a sense of belonging. We will discuss strategies to enhance engagement and examine successful transformations that foster a more inclusive work culture. Join us to learn how you can be a catalyst for creating connections and driving positive organizational change.

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