CPOC Announces Keynote Speaker: Dr. Isaiah Pickens


Dr. Isaiah Pickens

Keynote Address: Managing and Understanding Wellness to Better Support Youth on Probation and in Foster Care 

Speaker: Dr. Isaiah Pickens

Dr. Pickens, a national trauma expert and CEO & Founder of iOpening Enterprises, will highlight the important of self-care and wellness in his keynote address as well as evidence-based practices for attendees to sustain staff wellness. This presentation will leave participants inspired, re-energized, and equipped to support foster youth in a trauma-informed way while taking care of themselves in the process! 

Managing stress in order to perform at our highest level at work may be the most challenging professional task we face, especially when we are serving systemically underserved communities. It is imperative for individuals supporting probation youth in foster care to understand the breadth of their own wellness at work and in life, and the unique challenges that often arise, like secondary traumatic stress (STS) and compassion fatigue. This general session keynote will include a focus on the importance of staff wellness and provide strategies for managing stressors that impact one’s ability to effectively do their jobs. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how burnout and STS impact those who experience traumatic situations at work, along with emotional-intelligence tools to proactively manage these challenges.

Session: Wednesday, June 28, 2023