CPOC Honors Statewide Officers and Staff Who Keep Our Communities Safe in Celebration of Probation Services Week 2022
Probation Services Week Commemorates the Work of Probation Professionals Throughout California


Sacramento, CA, July 18, 2022 – This week, the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) announced this year’s annual Probation Services Week, taking place from July 17 – July 23, 2022, to honor probation professionals who work to keep communities safe. Throughout the week, Probation Departments across the state will be showcasing the work Probation does in their counties and how probation officers and probation programs are making a lasting difference in our communities and the lives of those in our justice system by using an evidence-based and research-backed approach to long-term public safety.

“Probation officers are diverse, highly educated professionals who provide a balance of accountability and opportunity to change people in our justice-system. They utilize their extensive training, compassion and professionalism to not just hold people accountable but to help justice-involved individuals live safer, healthier, and productive lives – which helps truly achieve long-term public safety in our communities,” said Probation Chief John Keene, President of CPOC. “We are proud of the evidence-based interventions and services we provide to those under our supervision, and we strive to give people the tools and resources to make better decisions and transform their lives.”

Probation in California has proven to be successful in multiple facets of the juvenile and criminal justice system. Probation is committed to transforming the lives of people in our justice system to stop the cycle of crime and create safer communities. Apart from providing research-based and individualized plans for people in the justice system, Probation works alongside community groups and system partners to connect people with resources and programs they need to rehabilitate and grow successfully in communities. A holistic approach to supervision produces greater results for people that seek the right tools – such as job security, housing, and rehabilitation services – that build a strong foundation away from the criminal justice system. 

California Probation Officers are diverse and highly educated professionals with over 72% of probation officers in California identifying as non-white, 51% are women, and the majority have four-year degrees. 

A proclamation commemorating Probation Services Week from Governor Newsom stated, “Probation Departments work to maximize the resources available within the courts, local governments, law enforcement, social services, behavioral  health system, schools, crime survivor organizations, nonprofits and the  community. Their work balances the need for accountability with  individualized rehabilitative treatment and services, providing clients the support and opportunity to change their lives.”

Probation officers and staff are dedicated to serving communities and helping people end the cycle of crime through the use of evidence-based practices and programming that are proven to reduce recidivism. The progress and success of Probation in California are based on the commitment to providing quality supervision, supports, and needed services. During Probation Services Week it is important to recognize probation officers and staff for their dedication to the safety of California communities and helping people under Probation’s care and supervision in their rehabilitation.

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