CPOC President’s Statement on California’s 2018-19 Budget
Chief Jim Salio Reacts to the Recent California Budget


SACRAMENTO – Today, Chief Jim Salio, President of the Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC), issued the following statement in response to the State Budget sent to Governor Brown:

“We applaud the Governor and Legislature for passing a budget with the vision to adopt a Transitional Adult Youth program at the Department of Juvenile Justice.  As the pilot for this type of program is underway in some local counties, we are confident, based on the emerging brain research of young adults, California will find this should be the focus for the future of criminal justice in our state.

As this age group makes up the largest new commitments to state prison, it is imperative the state be proactive and decisive in saturating this population with the resources needed to offer age-appropriate evidence-based programming to address the criminogenic needs of these offenders. This is the proven way to reduce recidivism which enhances the safety of all Californians.”

To learn more about how brain research informs evidence-based programming of youth and young adults in the justice system, watch this short video featuring brain research expert Laurence Steinberg.