ICYMI: Butte County’s Drug Court Program Recognized Graduates & Members on Wednesday
May 8, 2024


by Camille Acevedo in Action News Now

BUTTE COUNTY, Calif. - On Wednesday, Butte County’s Drug Court Program recognized graduates and current members who are overcoming substance use. And among the list of honorees, one couple is in the recovery process together.

Rachelle Velasquez holds her daughter after graduating from the Butte County Drug Court Program. She was surrounded by her family on this special day. 

But Velasquez wasn’t the only person in her family who was being celebrated today. Her boyfriend and father of her baby, Kyle Colvard, was honored at today’s ceremony for advancing in the program. 

“Our kids that’s what we are doing it for. Our kids needed us, and we had to change dramatically so that not only ourselves but our kids could have a better life and better future than what we were providing at the time,” Colvard said. 

Both Colvard and Velasquez have a history of drug addiction, arrests and drug charges. But they are working to leave that all behind. The program provided the two with support in their addiction recovery. But they have to stay sober, meet with their probation officers and show up for court dates.

“It was hard for me to practice honesty and telling on yourself, especially because at the beginning there is relapses, but they expect that. They don’t punish you for the relapses at first. They help you through that, and the way it is structured is amazing. I never thought that we would be where we are at today,” Colvard said.

Colvard still has three to four months left in the program. Velasquez has graduated and now plans to go back to school to become a dental hygienist. The couple tells Action News Now that they look forward to starting their careers.

“What we have done so far, it is possible for anybody to from no matter where you are at. I was over there with the homeless people before. I’ve been at the worst parts of Chico, and my life is amazing now,” Colvard said. 

In 2023, the Butte County Drug Court Program graduation success rate was 75%.

The drug court program has been in Butte County for about 30 years now, helping people overcome their addiction. 

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