OYCR Update

  • OYCR Ombudsperson Hotline Now Operational
    The OYCR Ombudsperson Hotline is now operational and went live Friday, September 2. Probation departments should have proceeded with dispersing this information to the youth in your juvenile detention facilities and staff as well as putting up the posters previously sent to you by OYCR.  OYCR is available to field any questions you may have via their OYCR Ombuds inbox:  OYCRombuds@chhs.ca.gov
    You can find the flyers can be found on OYCR’s webpage.


  • OYCR Positions
    Chief Health Policy Officer (CEA A) – open through October 3, 2022 **Candidates who previously applied for this position during the filing period ending on 7/29/2022, need not reapply. Successful candidates will be merged onto the existing eligible list.**