Probation Services Week Highlight: Alameda Probation Awarded Grants to provide Career Opportunities for Youth


In 2019, the Alameda probation department was awarded grant money to help youth develop tangible employment skills. Through two grants, Building Futures, and Steam Ahead,

the Probation Department is creating pathways from high school to community college while leading youth to multiple career paths in digital media, advanced manufacturing, construction, and information technology industries.

The Steam Ahead Grant will allow youth to be trained in basic Cisco networking, employment readiness, and employment placement post-release. The training will focus on certifications to facilitate obtaining employment. 

The Building Future Grant is being used to provide Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) training to create career and technology pathways in residential and commercial construction for youth. Nine youth thus far have graduated from the MC3 program.

The Alameda probation department is helping youth onto new pathways by providing them with opportunities to develop their employment skills for bright futures ahead.