Addressing Mental Health Issues for Youth on Probation – Sacramento


California’s Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) has created significant change in the delivery of services to youth and their families involved in the juvenile probation system.  CCR seeks to improve outcomes for youth with mental health issues. Early implementation of CCR has highlighted the many complexities counties face in addressing these mental health needs. This eight-hour interactive course is designed for probation staff who work with youth who are in placement or at-risk of placement.  The course will help staff develop a basic understanding of juvenile mental health issues, including information about the various types of mental health services that might be available for youth in placement or at risk of placement, a general overview of legal requirements and mandated mental health services, strategies for communicating with mental health professionals and health plans about what an individual youth needs, models for collaborating and accessing services, as well as a chance for participants to problem-solve real-life case studies with a mental health expert.  Those who register will be provided a chance to submit information about these cases ahead of time.

Total Due: $40.00 Registration Fee 

Location: Sacramento

STC Certification: 08319668

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Lunch will be provided.