Basic Felony Sentencing – Sacramento


Basic Felony Sentencing course will provide an overview of the fundamentals of felony sentencing to state prison and under Penal Code, § 1170(h). The course will explore the power of evidence-based sentencing; the probation sentence; basic rules of sentencing of single and multiple count cases; the strategies of sentencing after realignment; an introduction to the calculation of custody credits; victim restitution; and the disposition of violations of supervision and the application of People v. Leiva. The class would be taught with a combination of lecture, PowerPoint, hypothetical case problems and written text materials.

Instructor: Judge Richard Couzens

Date: March 11, 2020

Fee: $125 ($87.50 STC Tuition + $37.50 Registration Fee) 

Location: Sacramento, CA

STC Certification: 767-69217

Lunch will be provided

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