California Pretrial Training: Pretrial Support, Part I
Now Available


The training will review the evidence-based and practical ways a pretrial services program can promote people’s pretrial success. The methods discussed in the training honor the presumption of innocence, the requirement of “least restrictive means,” and the principle of human dignity. In doing so, the focus of supervision shifts from managing failure to promoting success. Faculty will cover in detail the research on pretrial strategies (such as court notification, supervision, and electronic monitoring). And the material will include best practices on assessing needs, the frequency and intensity of contacts, and how to respond to both compliant and non-compliant behavior.

STC #03616382 (2 Hours) – Electronic STC roster will be sent to your county’s Training Manager within 45 days of course completion

Cost: $60 ($37.50 Registration Fee + $22.50) – *SB129 Funding may also be utilized for this training*

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