Foster Care Fiscal Training Workshop Module 2: Resource Family Approvals, Qualified Individual, and Child and Family Team Meeting


Participants will gain knowledge on the various funding sources available for probation departments in the area of foster care. These sources include Resource Family Approval, Child and Family Teams, and Quality Individuals. The participants will be informed about the requirements of these funding opportunities and how to claim for these services when applicable. Additionally, the participants will be exposed to various learning styles to maximize their opportunities and apply the information they learn for each funding source.

Foster Care Fiscal Training Series

Target Audience: This training session is applicable to: probation officers who identify the needs of the youth/families, supervisors and managers who can identify funding sources available to meet those needs of youth/families, and fiscal staff charged with preparing foster care. 

*Working webcam and microphone are needed to participate in this webinar. 

This training will be a live recording with audience.

STC Certification: 3 hours (STC #09587976)

No cost to attend this training.