Foster Care Training: CWS/CMS Refresher Training for Probation Officers and Support Staff (1 Day) – Live Webinar
Please read pre-requisites carefully before registering.


This is a training refresher course. This training includes all the state and federal mandates of day 1 of the 1 1/2-day new user training course without the introduction to the navigation of the system and the tutorial on the Safe Measures Compliance Tool.

This class does not cover Day 2 data entry for placements and creating cases. Users that need this training will need to attend day 2 of the CWS/CMS New User Training.

Participants in the CWS/CMS Refresher Course must have one, or both of the following: 
1. Attended the CWS/CMS Probation New User Course 
2. Have significant experience working with the CWS/CMS system.

If you need technical assistance with a component of the CWS/CMS system, please reach out to Cathy Groh at 

Target Audience: Juvenile Probation Placement Officers

Cathy Groh

Certification #09374566 (5 STC Hours)

No cost
 for this course

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