Foster Care Training: Quality Matters – Enhancing Caseworker Visits for Foster Care Youth to Succeed


Quality engagement is essential when visiting youth in out-of-home care as this crucial component assist with ensuring positive outcomes for foster care youth. Since the federal passage of the Child and Family Services Improvement Act of 2006, the state of California has upgraded the performance standards for caseworker visits to be in accordance with federal guidelines that includes frequency, location, and quality of caseworker visits. This 4-hour webinar will assist in understanding the key elements of quality caseworker visits while also incorporating federal/state guidelines with current probation research and practices. The target audience for this webinar is all those working in juvenile placement.

Target Audience: Probation officers working in placement units, and/or those who work with candidacy youth who have been identified as at-risk for removal from their family home and placed into foster care.

*Working webcam and microphone are needed to participate in this webinar. 

STC Certification: 4 hours (STC #08372167)

No cost to attend this training.