San Benito juvenile detention center receiving comfort dog



A rescue dog will soon serve as a therapy dog at the Darrell B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito.

Peanut, a schnauzer mix, was found roaming the streets of Brownsville last year and was picked up by the Brownsville Animal Defense Rescue Group.

As a comfort dog, Peanut will help put people in the courtroom at ease, “so that the children that appear in this courtroom know that they are cared for,” 484th District Court Judge Adela Kowalski-Garza said.

“Give them the chance, don’t dump them,” Lopez said. “They can be very relaxing. All we did this morning was come in here, and you should have seen the smile on everybody.”

Peanut will become a permanent member of the center after getting used to being there.