Solano County Juvenile Corrections Counselor Honored


From the Daily Republic.

Solano County Senior Juvenile Correctional Counselor Kelvin Brooks was given the Regional Employee of the Year Award for the Bay Region at the recent Chief Probation Officers of California Awards Ceremony. 

Brooks was recognized for his work at the Juvenile Detention Facility.

“The award is presented to an employee of any rank chosen for recognition based on exceptional service, notable contributions, career accomplishments, or other outstanding reasons, as determined by their respective region,” according to a statement released by the Chief Probation Officers of California.


“We celebrate Kelvin’s well-deserved recognition, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the youth of Solano County,” Solano County Interim Chief Probation Officer Dean Farrah said in the statement. “Probation works closely with youth and young adults in the juvenile justice system to create safer communities and successful lives for them. Kelvin is always thinking of ways to provide positivity to the youth he works with. His persistence and dedication to them are among the many reasons we recognize him today.” 

Brooks oversees programming for the detention facility.

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