Two Butte County Probation Officers Save Person from Overdose
Two Officers used Naloxone to Save the Life of a Citizen During a Community Event


In Butte County Probation Department Facebook Page

Officers Lisa Carrillo and George Wise were assisting the California Highway Patrol with security at the Silver Dollar Fair.

During their shift, they observed a young man who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances and was possibly suffering from a medical crisis.

The officers made contact with the individual and suspected he was suffering from an opioid overdose. The young man ultimately became non-responsive.

The officers were in possession of Naloxone, and after three doses were administered, the individual became coherent and was able to communicate with the officers.

Today, Chief Probation Officer Wayne Barley presented letters of commendation to Officer Lisa Carrillo and Officer George Wise for their decisive action that likely saved this young man’s life.