Field Services


Position: CPOC supports a field services model which includes:

  • Standards for supervision
  • Realistic workload standards based on each department’s performance expectations and priorities Emphasis on direct services, i.e. the majority of caseloads receive active supervision with the exception of some specialized caseloads.
  • Supervision geared to community protection and offender success.
  • Outcomes which are defined, measurable, measured against objective for the particular individual or program and measured during the period of supervision.
  • Versatility, i.e. manages offenders in the real world, allows families to remain intact, is cost effective and addresses victims’ issues.
  • Integrates probation and parole.
  • Brokers services as well as leverages and consolidates human service resources.
  • Is a community sanction.
  • Offenders defray the costs with cost collection enforcement by criminal sanction.