This is California Probation
Equity in Gender, Diverse Officers Focused on Collaborative Safety for All

California Probation officers are diverse and highly educated professionals with over 72% of probation officers identifying as non-white, and 51% are women, the majority have four-year degrees, and over half of probation departments have employed former system-involved individuals.

California Probation is educated and trained to help protect communities by carefully balancing justice-involved individuals’ need for accountability along with their need for the help and hope required to safely leave the justice system permanently. 

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ICYMI: LA County Probation: Probation Department program offers hope to youth
By Shirley Hawkins

From The Wave Publication

LOS ANGELES — David had a troubled childhood. His parents, who were both addicted to drugs, abandoned him when he was just 2. With no relatives to take him in and searching for the love and sense of belonging he had never received, David soon found himself falling in with the wrong crowd. Before long, he had joined his newfound friends in committing petty thefts.