Celebrating Probation Services Week
San Bernardino Probation Acknowledges Officers & Staff with Awards

San Bernardino celebrated Probation Services Week at their 5th Annual Probation Connection event.  This event offers training, break-out sessions, team building activities, and an employee recognition awards. The awards highlight the work of their officers and staff and the impact they have had on the clients they serve and the advancement of the probation mission. Below are the award recipients of those who have been recognized this year: 


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Press Release: California’s First Probation Best Practices Research Institute Announced Today
California Probation Resource Institute Will Partner with Respected Academics and Experts to Examine Reforms, Probation Practices and Programs

Sacramento, CA, August 15, 2019 – Today, the new California Probation Resource Institute (CaPRI) launched as the first ever research institute dedicated to analyzing California probation practices, reforms and approaches. The Institute will fill the current lack of cumulative data and analysis about California probation’s approach as most reports focus on national data which does not always take into account the unique factors of California’s system.


Probation Chiefs Commend Governor Newsom and Chief Justice for Leadership in Efforts to Build a Safer and More Fair System For All
Pretrial Reform Pilot Programs Awarded Today Over $72 Million for 16 Counties; Funding aimed at implementing evidence-based reforms focused on rehabilitation & the safety of communities

Sacramento, CA, August 9, 2019 – Pretrial reforms are one step closer to becoming an integral part of the justice system today as the Judicial Council of California voted to award  funding for 16 County Superior Courts for Pretrial Pilot Programs. In January 2019 the Chief Justice appointed the Pretrial Reform and Operations Workgroup to consider plans to award funding for Pretrial Services as part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed 2019-2020 budget that allocated $75 million.