Breakout Session Topics Announced for the Supporting Excellence in Probation Conference


Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Supporting Excellence in California Probation: Strategies for Success Conference! Our breakout sessions promise to be both informative and inspiring. But that’s not all – our general sessions will feature incredible speakers and panels led by both California probation leaders and national voices. General sessions will delve into critical topics such as change management, probation’s role in victim services, and transformative mentorship to build future leaders, all while exploring the profound impact of probation officer relationships on successful reentry and exiting of the justice system. We’re bringing together experts from within California probation and beyond to provide invaluable insights and perspectives. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, connect, and shape the future of the probation profession. 

Breakout SESSIONS Include:

Accountability and Opportunity: Probation’s Balanced Approach to Criminal Justice

Out of the Office and into the Community 
Explore the transformative impact of probation work in California. Discover innovative initiatives, from homeless outreach to effective supervision practices, leading to positive change statewide. Gain insights into probation’s hands-on approach, fostering trust and safety in communities. Connect with professionals and learn about probation’s integral role in reshaping the justice system, emphasizing community involvement and resource connection.

Shifting Culture and Advancing Probation Practice to Promote Success and Reduce Revocations
An informative session highlighting Santa Cruz Probation’s partnership with Arnold Ventures on the Reducing Revocations Challenge. This has helped lead to policy and practice development, like the incentive-based case management for substance use terms, aimed to boost client success and reduce revocations.

Navigating Community Supervision: Insights from the Community Supervision Resource Center
Delve into an exciting new project designed specifically to support the community supervision profession on a national stage.

Empowering Futures: Probation’s Impact in Foster Care

Innovative Strategies for Diverting Youth from Justice System Involvement
Come learn how county probation departments are partnering with their schools and other organizations that deflect youth from entering the justice system.

Meeting the Challenge: Addressing Increasingly Complex Needs of Youth in Foster Care through Trauma-Responsive Strategies
This session will address serving youth in foster care with high and more acute needs, emphasizing collaboration among county partners. It will explore family-based services and crisis stabilization options for those requiring intensive treatment before transitioning home.

Successful Transition Planning: Plan Early, Engage Partners, and Identify Resources
This session will showcase successful transition planning for emerging adults/transitioned age youth in Extended Foster Care and those moving from secure treatment facilities or less restrictive program onto community supervision. Learn about key programs like AB 12 and SB 823, and discover valuable resources for effective engagement with youth, families, and service providers.

Shaping Tomorrow: Sessions for Juvenile Justice Enhancement

Trauma Responsive Programs: Promote Positive Engagement, Enhance Restorative Justice and Ensure Accountability
Explore trauma-responsive programs in juvenile detention facilities, focusing on positive behavior intervention strategies (PBIS) and Roca models. Discover how these programs engage and motivate youth, foster accountability, and promote healing for both staff and youth.

A Framework for Serving Girls in the Juvenile Justice System
The Ending the Incarceration of Girls Initiative, a collaborative effort by county probation departments, the VERA Institute and the Office of Youth and Community Restoration, aims to reduce and eliminate detention of female youth in the juvenile justice system. Panelists will share successful strategies and insights on how jurisdictions can implement trauma-responsive approaches to promote the wellbeing of girls and gender expansive youth.

Navigating Pretrial Release and Services

Navigating Pretrial Release: Updates on California Laws, Court Cases, and Local Policies
Explore California’s complex framework on pretrial, with a focus on recent court rulings and local policy enhancements, this session discusses the evolving legal landscape. Discover key insights into pretrial procedures, stay abreast of the latest developments, and delve into strategies for effective implementation.

Unlocking Pretrial Excellence: County Best Practices on Pretrial 
A dynamic discussion with pretrial experts from counties statewide. Dive deep into best practices designed to fortify pretrial liberties, bolster public safety measures, and maximize court attendance rates. Explore critical pretrial elements like assessments, screening, court liaisons, monitoring, community-based support, and partnerships.

Judicial Partnerships: Enhancing Pretrial Collaboration for Success
A joint panel discussion with judicial officers and pretrial staff. Explore the vital collaboration between the bench and pretrial professionals. Gain insights into supporting judicial decision-making, navigating complexities, and fostering effective communication. Discover practical strategies to enhance collaboration and promote fair and efficient pretrial processes.

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