This is California Probation
Equity in Gender, Diverse Officers Focused on Collaborative Safety for All


California Probation officers are diverse and highly educated professionals with over 72% of probation officers identifying as non-white, and 51% are women, the majority have four-year degrees, and over half of probation departments have employed former system-involved individuals.

California Probation is educated and trained to help protect communities by carefully balancing justice-involved individuals’ need for accountability along with their need for the help and hope required to safely leave the justice system permanently. 

California Probation implements a collaborative safety model by administering research-based policies and practices to further the goal to help people leave the system by transforming their lives which creates long-term safety in our communities.

California Probation officers are trained in trauma-informed practices, provide individualized care and supervision and are a connector for justice-involved individuals with government and community partners and services.

California Probation officers are highly educated, well-trained, diverse and compassionate connectors for justice-involved individuals to reentry supports and services in our communities.

California Probation officers’ high level of education, diversity, and training help probation implement our unique collaborative safety model to achieve positive outcomes for people and our communities.