Chief Probation Officers Statement: Regarding Out of State Juvenile Placements


Sacramento, CA, July 30, 2020 – California Probation prioritizes keeping youth in their communities first and foremost with 90% of all youth under probation’s supervision served in the community. Out of state placements primarily occur when all other options are unavailable and there are no appropriate or available short-term residential treatment programs to address the acute needs of the youth who are ordered by the court into foster care. Probation’s goal is to never have to place a youth out of state, but California lacks the necessary capacity to serve and meet all high-need treatment options for youth.

“Our priority is to do what is best for each youth under our supervision and support them with the programming and services they need.  Currently there are situations when those supports are not available in this state.   CPOC is committed to expand efforts to develop specialized residential treatment options for youth and expand the supportive programs and services available within California to get youth on a safer and healthier pathway. While this may be a long-term effort, CPOC is committed to identifying opportunities, resources and partners within California to ensure all of the programming and services are available to keep youth closer to home, their families and their communities and thereby removing the need for out of state placements.

– Karen Pank, Executive Director for the Chief Probation Officers of California

About the Chief Probation Officers of California

The Chief Probation Officers of California are an association of all 58 counties with a shared identity as law enforcement leaders. We are committed to a research-based approach to public safety that promotes positive behavior change. Our leadership guides policy and practice in the areas of prevention, community-based corrections, secure detention for youth and direct human services. Our goal is to prevent crime and delinquency, reduce recidivism, restore victims and promote healthy families and communities. We proudly serve our Counties and Courts.

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