CPOC Announces New Podcast: The California Probation Connection


Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) Foundation has released the first episode of their new podcast, The California Probation Connection.

CPOC is thrilled to share the launch of our new podcast, The California Probation Connection, hosted by CPOC executive director, Karen Pank.

This podcast is a space to dive deeper into complex topics that face probation professionals, as well as everyone involved in our justice system. Each episode will feature chief probation officers, and they will share their experiences and perspectives about issues involving probation and our justice system.  The host of the podcast is CPOC Executive Director, Karen Pank. 

The first episode features Chief Brian Richart from El Dorado County and Chief Laura Garnette from Santa Clara County, discussing the ever-changing landscape of California’s juvenile justice system and what role probation plays now and will in the future. 

You can enjoy listening to The California Probation Connection on mulpitple podcast platforms linked below, or watch the podcast on YouTube.   

Listen or watch the California Probation Connection on: