CPOC President Statement in Response to California State Budget


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (July 1, 2022) – Below is the statement from CPOC President, Chief John Keene (San Mateo County Probation) in response to the budget passed by the California Legislature, and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom:  

“We appreciate the Governor and Legislature investing in probation’s ability to help youth and adults succeed in our system and throughout this historic reform by enhancing local facilities, continuing to invest in evidence-based practices and enhance mobile probation service centers throughout the state.  We look forward to continuing to work together to secure the further and ongoing investments needed so no youth is left behind and that all youth have a fair chance to be successful.”  

Media Contact: Laura Dixon laura@cpoc.org 510-384-3020

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The Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) is an association of all 58 counties with a shared identity as law enforcement leaders. We are committed to a research-based approach to public safety that promotes positive behavior change. Our leadership guides policy and practice in the areas of prevention, community-based corrections, secure detention for youth and direct human services. Our goal is to prevent crime and delinquency, reduce recidivism, restore victims and promote healthy families and communities. We proudly serve our counties and courts.