ICYMI: Probation Department Expands with Community Outreach Van

Chief Probation Officer Ryan Oliphant

From Mariposa Gazette

Mariposa County Probation has added to their services, this time with a new outreach van.

The Probation Outreach Van was made possible from a 2022 Mobile Probation Services Grant Program from the California Board of State Community Corrections.

While it was a competitive grant, meaning Mariposa County was battling with others for the funding, they were one of the 25 departments awarded the funds.

…Mariposa County Probation also ranked number one in the small county category.

With this funding, the probation department was able to purchase a 2023 Thor motor coach, equipped with a kitchen, bathroom including shower, mobile desk, Starlink satellite for high-speed internet, solar panels, generator and electronic awning for shade.

“We are very excited to be able to expand our outreach with the new van,” shared Mariposa County Chief Probation Officer Ryan Oliphant. “The outreach van will help us better serve our community and continue to foster connections that will only strengthen Mariposa County.”

The outreach van is setup to provide all the services a probation officer can conduct in the office including case management, counseling, access to referrals, drug testing and electronic monitoring setup.

“Often those on probation who are either homeless or live longer distances away from services struggle to comply with conditions of probation or don’t receive all of the necessary rehabilitative services,” said Oliphant. “By providing mobile outreach, we are bringing the services to them while holding them accountable at the same time.”

The goals of the Probation Outreach Program are to:

  • Bridge the gap in services
  • Foster deeper connections with the community
  • Increase the chance of success on probation, and
  • Enhance community safety

The Mobile Outreach Program was officially launched in July and the team has already been able to provide services at homeless encampments as well as locations in Greeley Hill and Coulterville.

“The possibilities are exciting for how we can utilize this van for the benefit of our community,” said Oliphant. “Our team is looking forward to everything on the horizon.”