ICYMI: Sacramento County Probation Department welcomes 25 new officers


From KTXL, by Veronica Catlin. Video by Fox 40.

SACRAMENTO, CA | March 4, 2024 - The Sacramento County Probation Department welcomed 25 of its newest members at the Juvenile Correctional Officer Academy graduation on Friday.

“Modern probation officers play a vital role as mentors, coaches, and agents of change,” a Sacramento County spokesperson told FOX40.com.

The nine-week paid Juvenile Correctional Officer (JCO) Academy consists of classes that cover several topics such as crisis communication, de-escalation, use of force, professionalism, ethics, cultural diversity, ethnic disparity, gender identity, trauma, and Title 15. Candidates also complete intense physical training and scenario-based training.

“I just achieved a huge accomplishment and feel honored to serve Sacramento County,” JCO graduate Benjamin Paige said to FOX40.com.

Paige has a background as an Army veteran and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

“Although the training was difficult at times, it was worth it,” Paige said. “I hope I can make a positive impact in the city I grew up in.”


“I hope to be the good where there is none,” said JCO graduate Jasmine Jimenez. “I doubted myself sometimes, but after experiencing the training I knew this was a place I could excel in.”

Jimenez said true crime shows and double majoring in criminology fueled her fire to become a part of the Sacramento County Probation Department.

“I have a passion to help people become their better selves,” Jimenez said. “This department will allow me to propel that change.”

Although men are known to dominate the law enforcement field, Jimenez said that Sacramento County consists of more women.

“It was easy for me to build bonds here and honestly they (graduates) are some of my best friends now,” Jimenez said.

Other graduates said they always knew they wanted to be a part of law enforcement.

“There wasn’t a specific thing that inspired me, it was a feeling I had in my bones,” said JCO graduate Jaclynn Cashatt. “I just knew law enforcement was what I wanted to do.”

For others, law enforcement was a new but fitting endeavor.

“I’m excited to be a part of something bigger than myself,” said JCO graduate AJ Mendoza.

Mendoza said he didn’t consider a career in law enforcement until one of his mentors suggested it to him.

“…I did my research and this is a place where people actually care,” Mendoza said. “They care about positive change. It’s not just a saying we throw around. We really try to help people succeed with realistic plans. That’s what attracted me.”

Chief Probation Officer Marlon Yarber has faith in the latest recruits.

“We are uniquely able to balance accountability with services, treatment, and support as our public safety mission,” Yarber said.

Friday’s graduating class was the first of three more graduating classes to come in 2024. For more information or future job openings visit saccoprobation.saccounty.gov.

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