A Probation and Drug Court Success Story
Humboldt County


August 28, 2014 found probationer Jerrica Taylor placed in Humboldt Recovery Center (HRC), attending Thinking for a Change, Moral Reconation Therapy and anger management interventions as well as one-on-one counseling. She was convicted of Drunk Driving Causing Injury; she was the cause of a head on collision on Highway 96. The victim suffered shattered arms and legs as well as a fractured pelvis, has undergone 4 surgeries, and has now begun to walk again. The victim lost her business in Fortuna and her daughter had to quit her job to care for her.

Jerrica was facing 6 years in prison for her crime, but the victims informed the court that they desired to see her engage in recovery. She entered HRC for 4 months of residential treatment and never looked back. When she entered aftercare, she found independent housing with another person affiliated with HRC. When her housemate relapsed, she had the resolve to give him notice and did not waver in her determination to retain the house and find new roommates with recovery. She is currently living with another female HRC and Drug Court graduate who has 3 years sobriety, who served as a peer mentor for women at Humboldt Recovery, providing mutual support to one another in their recovery. Jerrica has maintained full time employment at Applebee’s, moving up from hostess to car-side assistant and now to full server. She is paying on her fines, fees and restitution every month. Jerrica organized a fund raiser through Applebee’s for her victim and raised over $2,000.00. She also took her victim firewood.

Although restricted from driving for 4 years, she completed her HART requirements and reported to feel she was an inspiration to others who had not yet embraced their recovery fully. Jerrica completed her 12th Step requirement and continues to attend support meetings in the community. She also keeps in touch with HRC as time allows. She was one of seven graduates of Humboldt County’s intensive Drug Court program that was celebrated on January 15, 2016.