Probation Creating Pathways for Youth


Probation in California has helped lead an evolution of our Juvenile Justice system that has resulted in a historic shift in how we serve youth. California has reduced usage of our local detention facilities by 60% and successfully serve 90% of youth in the juvenile justice system within our communities. That is because Probation is dedicated to finding pathways for youth to thrive in a safe and healthy community. 

There has been a complete culture shift in California’s juvenile justice system and it has evolved to become innovative and responsive to the needs of youth. Probation is committed to working with youth and provides the needed services and programs in community settings and within secured settings. 

Probation has fought to change the culture of the system to make detention a last resort.

Probation ensures the programs and services we deliver to youth are evidenced-based and trauma-informed creating pathways for youth either in or at-risk of entering the juvenile justice system.