Probation Services Week Spotlight: Alameda County’s Pilot to Positive Re-entry


The Alameda County Probation Department is partnering with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) to implement a two-year adult re-entry program called Redesigning the Pathways Home: A Pilot to Positive Re-entry (Pathways Home).

The purpose of this program is for Alameda Probation and CDCR to strengthen their services to better assist individuals transitioning from state prisons to community supervision. 

This program will specifically focus on those who are at higher risk to re-offend if they do not receive the intensive support services they need. The Pathways Home project is built on the understanding that re-entry is not a specific program or intervention, but rather a journey that begins prior to an individual’s release from incarceration and continues through their stable transition into their home community.

The first of its kind, Alameda Probation and CDCR plan to develop the program into a model for counties across California.

This program recognizes that continued investment in clients at the front end is truly an investment in the long-term wellbeing of not only the clients but also of our communities.