Probation Success Story – Building Client Success Through Relationship

Probation Success Story – Building Client Success Through Relationship

Jillyne, a former Probation client in San Bernardino County is a true story of transformation and success.

“I made some bad decisions and it caught up with me,” she says in an interview about her journey. However, she did not allow those decisions to define her. 

After she was assigned to Officer Kirby in the Probation Department, she began making new choices and rewrote her life into an inspiring story of growth and success.

With the help of Officer Kirby and a Courage to Change class facilitated by a trained Probation Officer, she started to understand her triggers and said it “helped me figure out who I was and how to overcome and adapt.”

Ms Kirby – as Jillynne calls her Probation Officer, “she was amazing, genuine, real and I related and appreciated that.”

Courage to Change is an interactive program that covers topics like self-control, substance abuse, responsible thinking, and strategies for success. Classes were held at the Probation Department’s Day Reporting Centers and facilitated by trained probation officers. Participants are referred to the program by their probation officer.

Officer Kirby said of her work with her clients, including Jillynne. “It doesn’t define you {being on probation} It’s a matter of how you keep going. Know that Probation is here to help you, support you.  You are not always going to get the answers that you want, but know that we are here to help and take advantage of the help and resources we can provide.”

“Absolutely” Jillynne agreed.

About her time on Probation Jillynne acknowledged it was a scary start, but says Probation “they do have your best interests in mind.  It’s scary because it’s something new but you have to try it to get different results.”

Jillynne was able to use the supports and services available from the San Bernardino County Probation Department.  She completed her rehabilitation programming and successfully enrolled in Nursing School. She will be graduating in December.

“I do consider myself a success” she said thinking back on her journey through her transformation and where she is today.

We agree. 

Jillynne is a success and a great example for others looking to make positive change.