Second Annual Continuum of Care Reform Conference: Partnership for CCR Success: A Better Future for Probation Foster Youth
April 16-17, 2018


General Sessions


1. Update on All Things RFA: Written Directives and the Level of Care Tool

2. Ensuring Your Interagency Placement Committee Makes the Right Decision

3. Effective Prevention Strategies Put Into Action

4. AB 1299 – The Ins and Outs of Presumptive Transfer

5. Review of Recent Legislative Changes and What They Mean for CCR

6. Working Together to Make Strong Team Decisions

7. CCR Funding Streams: What is Allowable and What If It Isn’t Enough

8. Connecting Education to the Success of CCR

9. Getting to Yes: Breaking Down Barriers to Achieve Successful Placements

10. Ensuring Success Post Placement Through Sustainable Transition and Aftercare Services

11. STRTPS, ISFC and TFC: How Are They Funded? 

12. Using CCR Funding to Successfully Recruit and Support Resource Parents