SPOTLIGHT: Probation Officer Tiffany Stokes Receives Human Trafficking Awareness Month Award
California Probation embraces a human service approach toward supervision while focusing on components associated with an effective reduction in recidivism.


Probation Officer Tiffany Stokes of the Fresno County Probation Department was recognized by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) this past month for her invaluable work with the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims. She was recommended by a number of leaders in her local community who strongly commended her passion and dedication to the youth she works with on a daily basis. These local leaders in the community highlighted the hard work she does for the victims of human trafficking under her care and emphasized the importance of the officer-client relationship that Officer Stokes so impactfully nurtures and uses to help people daily.  

Chief Probation Officer of Fresno County Kirk Haynes said Officer Stokes “…dedication to our youth distinguished her from so many others working with human trafficking victims. Tiffany’s collaborative work with partners in our community ensure youth under her care are in safe environments reducing the likelihood of further victimization. I’m thankful for Tiffany’s commitment to our youth.”  

Officer Stokes has been a Probation Officer since 2012 and working with human trafficking victims for over four years. She said “In 2015, my Supervisor asked if I wanted to work with CDSS. Hearing the stories of these youth, I knew I could make a difference and be their consistency. These are young ladies and men who didn’t want to be out there doing this, and I felt that maybe this was my role, to be there to support them… I have learned that with these kids, poverty or non-poverty, it doesn’t matter this can happen anywhere, to all races and nationalities. No one is excluded from being a victim. The youth know I’m there to help them. I want them to feel empowered and know their worth. Probation is here to make lives better. I’m hoping to show how Probation is a positive role in the community and how we help victims of human trafficking.”

In her comments about Officer Stokes, Fresno County Probation Juvenile Division Director Vicki Passmore said, “Deputy Probation Officer Tiffany Stokes is an invaluable member of Fresno County’s team who works with youth who have been identified as victims of human trafficking… Officer Stokes has built trust, offered compassion, while holding them accountable when necessary. It’s these unique combinations of characteristics that make Officer Stokes deserving to be recognized for her efforts to make positive change with the youth that she works with.”

Fresno County Presiding Judge Kimberly Nystrom-Geist said that Officer Stokes said “ relentless in seeking safe, appropriate placements for our trafficked youth who have been removed from parental homes.”