SPOTLIGHT: Sierra County Probation Helps Seniors During Pandemic
Sierra County Probation Delivered Daily Meals to Vulnerable Members of the Community


Sierra County Probation took it upon themselves to go above and beyond to help their community during the heart of the stressful COVID-19 pandemic.

Chief Probation Officer Chuck Henson and Deputy Probation Officer Sofia Gonzalez spearheaded the delivery of hot meals to senior citizens in the community due to restricted access that many local senior centers were experiencing.  In addition, they hand delivered daily hot meals to many of the disabled members in their community.

On average, they delivered about 30-35 hot meals daily for six weeks, some of those days the temperature being as low as 20-25 degrees.

The department also participated in weekly food bank and commodities deliveries in conjunction with local volunteers and outside groups in the community for many weeks.

Sierra County Probation truly embodied the mission of probation during the wake of the pandemic by continuing to find ways to support their vulnerable populations despite overwhelming circumstances.

“Probation is always prepared to meet the needs of our community and those of the adults and youth we serve. The safety and the well-being of clients, staff, and our communities is our top priority,” said Chief Probation Officers of California (CPOC) President Chief Steve Sentman. “Sierra County Probation saw a significant need during a difficult time and found a safe and innovative way to answer that call and serve members of their community – well done!”

Probation Departments all over the state of California are delivering evidence-based programs and supervision as well as rehabilitative services, which result in lower recidivism and a pathway to success for clients and healthier communities.